15 March 2018 : official installation tree sculpture @ Wijdemeren (click to open)

The tree and its birds were installed at Leeuwenlaan (‘s-Graveland) near the bridge with Kortenhoef (Zuidereind/Noordereind)

Boom Kortenhoef

The meaning of the birds and the chosen design is explained on a nearby standing plate, which was put into the ground by elderman Theo Reijn of the Wijdemeren Municipality, supervised by myself.

new doc 2018-03-22 14.37.01_1

January 2018

3-D painting “Tokyo by night” completed for the serie Sky lines by night. 

Tokyo Skyline

The serie now consists of Manhattan, Paris, Hong Kong and Tokyo. The fascinating sky line of Marina Bay in Singapore and the Thames at Waterloo Bridge London are in the making. Ideas about Shanghai and Amsterdam are other towns where I left my footsteps are emerging.

Ontwerp 2 Waterloo Bridge London by night

Impression London Waterloo Bridge and the City at dawn

January 2018

Another “Sanglier” sculpture was created in steel plate as a present for the new house and garden of my friends Huib & Marina in Amsterdam. They loved the ‘sanglier’ that was sold at the exposition ‘Op Jacht’. So what do you do for friends who just moved to their new house with a garden in Amsterdam? You add to their happiness.

Zwijn Huib

February 2018

Creation of a couple of chicken in steel

As a side effect of the new sanglier and the end of the life cycle of our Barneveldse Kriel chickens, my dear wife expressed the wish to welcome a couple of chickens in steel plate for our garden. So here’s the first chick.

Kip Jet


December 2017

Work in progress

The scuplture ‘Overbruggen’  for Kortenhoef and ’s -Gravenland is about ready to be created. All elements are waiting on the shelf for the final go ahead from the municipality.  The birds in the tree will symbolize the bridge between the different cultures and nature of the two traditional villages.

Boom 11
To be installed in March 2018 in Kortenhoef / ‘s-Gravenland.

December 2017

Untill 10 December : Exposition “Op Jacht” in the exposition space at farm Nispenhoeve, Beekselaan, Prinsenbeek.
Jazz concert during the exposition on Sunday 10 December 14:00 – 17:00 hrs

OP Jacht 1

Participating at Exposition ‘Op Jacht’ untill 10 December 2017
organised by the Dutch Master Painters.
Prinsenbeek, Netherlands