Stainless steel

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DSC_0011 (4)

Ambition & Dynamics (2011)
Stainless steel 316 ( 5,20 mtr hight), resting on three soccles.
Created on request by the Executive Board of the Royal Friesland Campina Dairy Corporation after the merger of the Friesland and Campina dairy corporations.
In front of the head office, Stationsplein, Amersfoort, Netherlands.
(My wife Henriette and constructeur Martin de Kloet looking the sculpture)

D-Day FC (87)
A fantastic challenging project where the maximum size of the door of the workplace at Gebr. De Kloet BV dictated the limits of the scale.


Annual prize for the Kaag Finn Club (2020)
A donation by me for the newly formed International Finn Class division of Royal YC De Kaag
(next door to my home town) in which I participate with FINN NED 1013 as registered ‘Legend’.

Boom Kortenhoef

Merger tree Kortenhoef & ‘s-Gravenland (2018)
after winning  a 
competion for a sculpture in the public space of Wijdemeren Municipality, Netherlands

balanc natuur

Balance in Life (2005)
Two complementairy Yin & Yang objects with wind energy finding its way in the universe. (2,4mtr high)
(Private collection Philip de Koning)

biennale5 (22)

The “Value of the Zucca” or Pumpkin ( 2007)
Created on command for ING Direct Milan, Italy.
For Italians the “Zucca” is the symbol of future wealth. Here shown with its grains (former lires and euro coins) at the exposition of the Florence Bienalle 2007

Grand Palais2008 (7)

Tulip (2007)
Four integrated equal blades with reflections of the colours of Art en Capital (Grand Palais, Paris)
(Aqcuired by a Dutch art collector)

Kopie van Salon Grimaud 016

Sailing into the Future (2008)
Kinetic sculpture of main sail and head sail in polished stainless steel  ( 2,25 mtr high) tacking with wind energy.
(Acquired by Robinson College, Cambridge, UK)

corpusontmoeting 030  corpusontmoeting 015

Rendez-vous at CORPUS Museum Leiden, Netherlands (2009)
Combination of 17 figures (2,5 mtr high) in both polished stainless steel and sand blasted stainless steel. Created on command for the Conference Center at the Corpus Museum, Leiden , Netherlands.
(With Brian Dikke welding the elements on its soccle in the main hall.
The elevator was too small to lift 
the soccle (3 x 1,5 meter) including the figures on top of it )

Corpus special 10%

I was priviliged to be invited to show this sculpture to HM Queen Beatrix during the official opening of the museum.

Grand Palais2008 (8)

Galaxy (2010)
Inspired by the universal energy philosophy of my son Derk.
Kynetic universe in polished stainless steel. (1,8 mtr high ; diameter 1,5 mtr)
(Aqcuired by a Dutch art collector, after its exposition at the Grand Palais, Paris.)

17 feb (36)

Ruiterberg (2012)
Kinetic sculpture for the private house ‘Ruiterberg’, Doorn, Netherlands, on command by the owner and art collector. Symbolizing the domain and its ‘ruiten’ caracteristics. Polished stainless steel on open soccle. (4,2 mtr high)
(Martin de Kloet standing next to the sculpture to mark its size)


Horse rider (2014)
Prototype for a monumental sculpture at the grounds of the house or stables of a passionated horse man or horse woman.
(During the exposition “Art in the City” , New York City 2014)


Regatte (2014)
One of the many ‘Regatte” type sculptures, all aquired by of especially created for passionate yachtsmen or made as prizes for yacht clubs.
(Acquired by an American-Dutch art collector, here shown at the exposition “Art in the City” , New York City 2014 )


Pinguins (2009)
Recycled left overs from steel cuttings.
(Acquired by a French art collector after the Salon des Peintres et Sculpteurs de Saint-Tropez)


Heron (2011)
Hand cutted steel plate. Created on command for a pont in a garden in Wassenaar, Netherlands


The Eagle has landed (2004)
Hand cutted steel plate, fixed on a serpentine rock.
(Aqcuired by an art lover in Holland for his garden)


Carnaval mask (2005)
Experimental sculpture with four combined segments.
(Private collection Philip de Koning)


Regatte (2012)
The local fleet at the start of a race in the Golfe de Saint Tropez
(Created on command for my sailing friend  in Port Grimaud, Jean-Michel)


Floating Balance (2015)

Kinetic sculpture of 2 x 2 meter in aluminium  (for weight reasons) on a floater of wood and epoxy.