Early work

‘Vrije Academy’ of Modern Art, The Hague (1965-1966)

I followed classes in impressionist painting, modelling in plaster and experimental photography.

I learned one major lesson for the rest of my life:

Look > Look around it > Turn it around and look again.
You will see more and different things.

The ‘second’ beginning was at atelier Ingrid Reekers The Hague, Netherlands (1999 – 2001)

Learning to work with Soft stone, Albast, Serpentine and when in Australia : Queensland silt stone

art (29)

Owl with four faces in albast (1999)
(Private collection Philip de Koning)


Reflecting Boedha (2000)
(Donated for a fundraising auction for tsunami victems in Thailand, 2003)


Sitting owl. Serpentine on a travertin rock (2002)
(Acquired by former colleague Durk and his wife Joke)


Venus in Albast, 2003
(Acquired by a Dutch art collector)


Queensland Santa Gertruda cow in local silt stone (2004)
(Present for my friend Anthony, owner of Eitsfolt Cattle Station and Silt stone quarry, Queensland, Australia)

Period of Hard stone and the first steel sculptures in Grimaud, France (2002 -2007)

appels 2008 003    appels 2008 002

French apples (2003)
(Presents for our friends in Grimaud)


Owl in blue granite. Direct cutting 2004
(Acquired by a wise Dutch friend)

Bison 00110%

The last bison standing in Diabaas hard stone (2006).
(Acquired by my friend Frans)

kunst loone brons 004

Mother Loone in Belgian black marble (2006) with four copies in bronze
(Original piece in stone in private collection Philip de Koning; bronze copies sold)

Bon Appetit Walls

Catch of the Day in marble of Port Venere 2006
(Acquired by my friend Frans)

Olifanten (2)

Family of elephants in marble (2006)
(One for Pien, Floor and Lieke, my grand-daughters)

MonOncle 008

Mon Oncle in marble de Porto Venere (2007)
(Acquired by my friend Jan in Antwerp)

Early steel work

kip inge (1)

Hen for Inge in carosserie steel plate (2004)

Everzwijn in Oegstgeeat 2017

Wild boar in the garden in France (2004) in carosserie steel plate
(Acquired by Dutch Art collector who loves “des cotelets du sanglier”)


Resting sheep (2005) in Inge’s garden (Zeist)
60 kg green serpentine with steel head / tail

Adelaar 003

Balancing eagle (2006)
(stainless steel hand cutted and tig welded . Acquired by an American eagle, my former colleague Ricardo)

sculpturen saint tropez

Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez (2006)
(Acquired by our French friend Josie, who loves BB as well)