3-D paintings

A serie of characteristic sky lines in 3-D metal mosaic constructions with added paint came into my mind. Places I have visited during my working life and life as an artist.




Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera (60 x 40 cm)
Stainless steel, copper and oil paint on
crylic panel 
€ 6000

london waterloo bridge oct 2018

London Waterloo Bridge in 3-D (110 x 70 cm)
Stainless steel, aluminium, copper  and oil paint
€ 8.000 

Tokyo Skyline

Tokyo sky line (88 x 65 cm)
Aluminium elements with oil paint and gold blade on wooden panel
€ 8000 


Manhattan East River  (100 x 70 cm)
Acquired by a French art collector


Paris, La Defence Financial District, seen from the Arc de Triomph ( 70 x 50 cm)
3-D mozaïek on canvas with stainless steel, aluminium and copper. Oil paint and gold blades for the Avenue de la Grande Armée
€ 8000 

foto 1-30

Hong Kong Victoria Island with Center and North Point ( 65 x 40 cm)
(Plastine on canvas with oil paint, gold blade and silver blade)
€ 5000 


Winter at the Lake
Acquired by a Dutch art collector